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Maintaining a financially solvent city

Predictably, Emeryville is experiencing a budget shortfall due to the pandemic economic downturn. I will continue with the financially responsible policies the council has been practicing along with exploring opportunities to expand our tax base to ensure Emeryville has a diversified revenue stream.

Effectively addressing homelessness

We need to work with neighboring cities and community-based organizations to craft comprehensive plans to prevent homelessness and quickly re-house individuals already experiencing homelessness. Addressing homelessness from multiple angles on both a regional and local level is vital to success in getting our unhoused neighbors the services they need.


As the former Alameda County Homelessness Continuum of Care (CoC) Specialist, I have direct experience with the coalition and would be able to easily and effectively increase Emeryville’s participation in the CoC.

Increasing affordable housing & alternative housing models

We have made great progress with our city’s below market rate housing program and should increase the level of deeply affordable housing to expand more opportunities for families and individuals with fixed incomes to live in our city.


In addition to deeply affordable housing, incorporating more alternative housing models (such as accessory dwelling units, cooperatives, community land trusts, efficiency apartments) into our housing stock will provide more access to affordable housing for residents.


As an active affordable housing advocate, a former member of the Emeryville Housing Committee, and the Policy Director for Bay Area Community Land Trust, I am well versed in working with local governments, community organizations, and both market rate and nonprofit developers to bring these housing options to our community.

Promoting active governance of public transit

I will see that Emeryville continues to develop an effective governance relationship with AC Transit directors and staff to advocate for the appropriate level of transit service Emeryville needs. This would include consistent transit assessments to allow for timely adjustments to area service and adding transit service to underserved areas to reduce residents’ reliance on cars. 

Empowering small business owners

I plan to work alongside business owners, community members, and other council members to implement a rebranding campaign for Emeryville to re-establish ourselves as not just a shopping, tourist, and entertainment destination, but also a desirable and successful location for businesses and explore opportunities to diversify the tax base.


This includes continuing the research I am currently conducting to uncover barriers business owners face when attempting to open businesses in Emeryville.


When elected, I will partner with fellow council members and relevant city staff to address removing those barriers when possible. As a former small business owner, I have a unique perspective and experience with small business development for underrepresented communities.

Bridging the gap between law enforcement & our communities

A public safety coalition between the police department and residents to develop official neighborhood crime prevention councils and work with law enforcement to increase on-foot beat patrols in known “crime hot spots” in the city.


As a previous Oakland Community Policing Advisory Board member, I understand the need to have open communication between community members and law enforcement to reduce the amount of crime in Emeryville and look forward to continuing building out this partnership with Chief Jennings whom I am currently in conversations with. In addition, expansion of fire services in the midst of the threat of climate change, wildfire danger, and a possible prolonged pandemic.

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